We welcome visiting students

AARHUS TECH has many visitors from abroad every year. As a student you can attend a module at our college or internship in a company or a combination of those.  

In order to participate in the training or have an internship, your college must either be a participant in the EMEU collaboration or otherwise have an agreement with AARHUS TECH.

AARHUS TECH does not offer courses in English other than EMEU modules.

The students stay varies in length from two weeks to several months depending on the agreement with your college. No matter the lenght  of your stay you are welcome.

You can find a lot of pratical information on the page below.

How to get to Aarhus

Aarhus is a lovely place and you can get here in many ways.


  • Easiest airport is Billund Airport
    • It is an international airport with frequent flights from most European airports. From the airport to Aarhus is about 100 km. We recommend busses from Billund Airport.
    • Billund Airport


  • The closest airport is Aarhus Airport
    • Some airlines have direct flights to Aarhus Airport
    • The distance to Aarhus is about 45 km. We recommend busses from Aarhus Airport.
    • Aarhus Airport


  • If you choose Copenhagen Airport
    • It takes about 3½ hours by train, bus or car from CPH airport to Aarhus. You can take the train directly from CPH airport to Aarhus - sometimes you will need to change train a Copenhagen Central station.
    • Copenhagen Airport


  • Last airport option is Aalborg Airport
    • Many low-cost companies use this airport. The distance is about 125 km from the airport to Aarhus. You can take the train from Aalborg Airport to Aarhus - sometimes you will need to change train at Aalborg Station. See schedule. (In the field "Start" you must write "Aalborg Lufthavn" in the field "Destination" you must write "Aarhus H")
    • Aalborg Airport


If you travel by bus from the airport

We recommend that you get off the bus at Aarhus Railway Station. If you arrive early you can leave your luggage at the railway station in a locker room and have a look around the city.

We suggest that you take a taxi to the dormitory - it costs around 15€ 


Bus and tram app

It wood be a good idea for you to download the bus and tram app on your phone using the following link

NB! You need Visa, Mastercard or Maestro Credit for this.

Staying in Aarhus

Accommodation for students

Students are usually accommodated in our dormitory. If students attend a module in AARHUS TECH the price is 557 DKK per week. The accommodation includes full boarding on school days. There is no staff on weekends but access to a kitchen.

Check in

  • You can check in at the dormitory between 4 and 9 PM (16:00-21:00cet) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • It is not possible to check in Friday and Saturday.
  • It is only possible to check in at the dormitory between 6 and 8 PM (18:00-20:00cet) Sunday.
  • If the door is locked, call this number +45 8937 3450 and there will be opened for you.


If you arrive outside these times you must book a room at a hotel or a hostel



The address of the dormitory

AARHUS TECH, Skolehjemmet
Ellemarksvej 64
8000 Aarhus C

Practical information

  • You do not have to bring bed linen.
  • There is access to a washing machine at the dormitory for about 2,60€
  • You may use the kitchen in the weekend, but keep it clean and tidy.  
  • There is free wifi.
  • Television and computers are available for your use at the dormitory.    
  • No noise after 11pm (23:00cet)
  • Smoking and alcohol is not allowed.

Please read the house rules closely!

It’s important that you inform your teacher at AARHUS TECH and your contact person at your own college if you get ill or if you otherwise have problems. 

If you need medical attendance at a doctor, you need to contact the reception at the dormitory or call the International coordinator +45 6198 7481 or project administrator +45 6198 7371

In case of emergency! If you need an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police call +45 112. If you need the police in other situations call +45 114.


For more information about Aarhus




How to find the right campus

AARHUS TECH has three addresses.


AARHUS TECH, Halmstadgade 6, 8200 Aarhus N

Here you find the educations:

  • Construction and plumbing
  • Mechanical engineering and metal works
  • Facility service
  • Media and graphics

Go by bus from


AARHUS TECH, Dollerupvej 4, 8000  Aarhus C

Here you find the educations:

  • Gastronomy
  • Hairdressing

Go by bus from


AARHUS TECH, Hasselager Alle 2 and 10, 8260 Viby J

Here you find the educations:

  • Electrical engineering and electrical house installation
  • Information communication technology - ICT
  • Transport and logistics
  • Auto mechanics

Go by bus from